There are many ways you can contribute to the Society. The list below is just a set of examples. This, however, is not exhaustive. We welcome any kind of activity – big or small! Just let us know what you’re doing so that we can celebrate it together!

Most of the engagements may require that you join us. This is free and quick, simply log in with your Facebook or Twitter account!

  • Work out who else is interested in what you want to do. A good place to start is finding the Advisory Board on your chosen subject and joining them. These tend to be neurologically-oriented, but there are lots of opportunities for less tech-savvy people, too!
  • If you feel like there is nothing that you may be interested in, keep an open mind and join a random board or even start your own.
  • Read around your subject, get more work practice, get engaged with your local NHS trust or research centre, then please go back and share your knowledge and experience with others!
  • Oxford Neurosoc Online is a perfect tool to share your ideas with technology. You can store your notes, spreadsheets or presentations on your 30GB drive, and work with your colleagues in a secure environment.
  • Meetings are advertised by the Society or Advisory Boards. Apart from our Annual Conference, we organise many events – small or large, where we meet to discuss our work, share ideas, exchange thoughts and have fun.
  • Projects are carried out by our Members to achieve a certain goal. They can be research-based, educational, popular knowledge initiatives or even expeditions. We are currently working on putting all registered projects in one place. Find out about what you want to do and join in!
  • Submit your blog post, news article, interview or presentation. We’ll be very happy to publish it and discuss your ideas!
  • Volunteer to speak at the event or conference, record your lectures and lessons and make them available on our platforms.
  • Join the discussion: comments on other’s posts, suggest counterarguments, examine the evidence and find gaps in our understanding. That’s what we’re here for!